The Site

The Practical Permaculture Institute of Kenya was founded by Micheal Nickels of Seven Ravens Permaculture Academy and Eco-Forest on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada and Josephat Barassia (JB) of Balita Ravens Permaculture Farm in Butula, Busia County, Kenya. Over the course of 18 days Michael Nickels and co-Instructor Javan K. Bernakevitch of Permaculture BC  brought 6 students from Canada enrolled in an 8 week Permaculture Design Certificate course to design, install and establish the site on 0.56 acres of overgrown land. At the completion of the project, JB continued to finalize the site. Only 5 days later the first Permaculture Design Certificate course was started with 29 people. The site continues to inspired and grow today with partnerships with Permaculture Research Institute Kenya and Seven Ravens Permaculture Academy and Eco-Forest.